TaeWoo Kim

Doctoral candidate of Marketing, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University


Research Interest

Academic Degrees

A primary driver behind my curiosity in these research interests is the desire to address the challenges that marketers and marketing researchers are facing in light of how consumer behaviors are changing due to the emergence of artificial agent systems. My dissertation, titled “Persuasion by Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Decision Making,” addresses the increasingly important role artificial agent systems play in consumer persuasions. This changing consumer persuasion landscape is creating new challenges and opportunities for marketers and marketing researchers who aim to understand how such consumers respond to marketing messages created and delivered by artificial agents systems.

Beyond my dissertation work, my genuine interest in examining artificial agent’s impact on consumers and marketing systems have motivated me to pursue other projects in non-persuasion contexts. To briefly summarize a few selected projects with empirical support, I found that consumers exhibit increased unethical behaviors (e.g., cheating) when interacting with artificial (vs. human) agents due to lowered anticipatory guilt. In another project, I found that individuals prefer artificial (vs. human) agents in predicting a random event with high probability of positive outcome due the belief that artificial (vs. human) agents are more likely to translate the probability into an actual outcome. Another project shows that being rejected by an artificial (vs. human) agent makes human identity salient and reduces self-other distance, an impact that can potentially mitigate ingroup-outgroup bias and increase prosocial behaviors. Another project shows that individuals are more willing to accept unfair offers (e.g., in an ultimatum game) when the offers are made by artificial (vs. human) agents because they perceive less exploitation intention from artificial agents.

Impact Artificial Intelligence on Consumer Decision Making

Consumer Persuasion

Embodied Cognition

Magical Thinking and Goal Pursuit

  • MS in Economics, Purdue University, 2012
  • MS in Statistics, University of Iowa, 2010
  • BS in Business Administration, Korea University, Seoul, 2008