Papers Under Review

“Artificial Intelligence and Persuasion: A Construal-Level Account” by TaeWoo Kim and Adam Duhachek

Whereas more individuals are relying on information provided by non-human agents, such as artificial intelligence and robots, little research has examined how persuasion attempts made by non-human agents may differ from persuasion attempts made by human agents.Drawing on construal level ...
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“The Meaning of Consumer Actions Drives Thought Usage in Self Persuasion” by TaeWoo Kim, Adam Duhachek, Pablo Briñol and Richard E. Petty

The current research demonstrates that thoughts can be treated as if they were physical objects, and that the actions performed related to these thoughts and the presumed meaning of those actions determine the impact of those thoughts on evaluative judgments ...
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“Activation of an Ideal Self Makes Successful Performance Contagious” by TaeWoo Kim, Adam Duhachek and Kelly B. Herd

Contagion beliefs refer to the perception that another individual’s traits can be transferred to the self through direct physical contact with that individual or via a contagious object. Whereas previous contagion research examines contagion effects as a function of the ...
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